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Why Should You Consider Integrative Medicine

Do you have a reliable advocate to help you navigate what modern medicine has to offer? 

The specialty of integrative medicine incorporates other complementary, science-based modalities into the practice of conventional Western medicine. Instead of an either/or paradigm, this win-win approach promotes interdisciplinary collaboration to benefit the patient. This specialized field has been explored by a growing number of physicians who seek a framework to responsibly guide patients. Some top institutions have established integrative medicine programs targeting cancer, heart disease, pain, and other illnesses: Duke, UCSF, Scripps/UC San Diego, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Harvard, Cleveland Clinic, Columbia, U. of Maryland, and the Mayo Clinic.



Our team aims to address the underlying conditions that affect your health so that you can feel better and suffer less.

Renovi Medicine’s strength is to address your underlying causes instead of just dealing with symptoms.  We use conventional laboratories (such as LabCorps and Quest) and radiology that physicians typically order tests from.  In addition, we are experienced in using other specialized diagnostic tests that offer more in-depth insight.  

Tests and treatment are available for different types of health struggles:  hormone inbalance, mental alertness, risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, immune system etc.  Our office can help you rest better, feel more energetic and boost your overall health and productivity.  We create personalized solution to help you stay focused longer and remember things better.  Many of our patients who have multiple chronic illnesses improve over time, and enjoy a level of wellness they did not have before.  The majority of our patients experience relief and tell us how much it means to them to live their daily lives without being mindful of their medical conditions.

Part of our holistic approach to disease management and wellness involves a close collaboration with our patients.  We encourage our patients to learn about their health conditions.  We work with each patient to evaluate their medication and supplement use, so that they stay on top of their own health maintenance goals.  Equally important is the process of forming new health habits that involve food, physical activity, and managing stress.