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In-Network PPO Plans

(Oct 2023) Please note that our office is in-network with select Individual PPO plans offered by Health Net, Cigna, Aetna, Blue Shield, Blue Cross, Tricare.  We are not contracted with United Health. Please contact your insurance to verify, as we are not responsible for the specific terms of your coverage with your health insurance. 

The strength of conventional medicine combined with an integrative approach…

ReNovi Medicine offers evidence-based integrative medicine service to address your medical needs.  Our approach extends beyond what conventional medical offices offer, and helps you explore more diagnostic and treatment options.

Get to know our unique strengths and how you can benefit from a strong advocate like ReNovi. Led by a top physician in the field of Integrative Medicine, ReNovi helps transform your health with a vision of a pioneer and the heart of a healer.

A recognized expert in Functional Medicine

Treating the root causes of your health problem

Functional Medicine is a recognized field in modern medicine.  It relies on the principles of epigenetic, and uses an expanded toolset to diagnose and treat the underlying issues that cause your illness and discomfort.

A physician well trained in Functional Medicine would pay attention like a detail-oriented detective and explore unusual hints that might explain your illness.  Sometimes it might be related to certain genetic mutation that causes you to respond differently to certain conventional medicine treatment.  Sometimes it’s your sensitivity toward certain matters in what you eat, use, or exposed to in your daily routine.  Your doctor might look at how healthy your digestive system is, because gut health is related to a number of illnesses. an example: Caltech scientists finding a functional link between bacteria in the intestines and Parkinson’s disease)

We inspire our clients to not only go beyond treating their sickness, but also pursue a level of wellness not attained before.  Together, we collaborate.  You will benefit from partnering with a physician who explores a wider range of option with you.   It is a shared responsibility.  You need to be willing to adjust your lifestyle accordingly, to eat, rest, and have adequate physical activity.  

Top Reasons why we strive to be among the best

The field of medicine is evolving.  Patients are looking for medical professionals who can help them holistically, and have the confidence of proper credentials and expertise.  Significant proportion of our clients come from outside regions, and beyond southern California.   We strive to keep delivering exceptional service, worthy of their trust. 

Combine the best of both worlds

Combine the best of both worlds of conventional medicine and holistic integrative medicine. We use clinical models that are based on science and complimentary to well-tested healing principles.

Under the care of experienced clinicians

along with their referral network of leading MD specialists and seasoned holistic professionals.

Addressing the underlying roots

addressing the underlying causes of your health problems, not just fixing the symptoms.

A highly effective staff team

 that is well-trained and compassionate.  They help anchor the amazing work done in this office.

Personalized care

we have a track record in personalizing care to individual clients.

Wide-scope expertise

helps our clients explore many treatment options.