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Our unique strengths

Renovi Medicine offers evidence-based integrative medicine service to address your medical needs.  Our approach extends beyond what conventional medical offices offer, and helps you explore more diagnostic and treatment options

Steady, science-based integration

A thoughtful blend of practical tools

Conventional western medicine is at the core of what we do.  That’s how our clinicians are trained, and have accumulated many years of clinical experience.   

To offer you added lenses through which you can better understand your own health profile, we use other practical tools from the integrative and functional medicine disciplines.  These tools are used to help assess and treat your conditions.

  • multi-dimensional assessment to address root-cause

  • Core and Advanced Integrative Labs.  

  • Advanced functional medicine labs.

  • standard and compounded specialty prescriptions

  • complementary use of prescription-grade nutraceutical supplements

Respected pioneer in Functional Medicine

A visionary leader

Functional Medicine is a recognized field in modern medicine.  It relies on the principles of epigenetic, and uses an expanded toolset to diagnose and treat the underlying issues that cause your illness and discomfort.

A physician well trained in Functional Medicine would pay attention like a detail-oriented detective and explore unusual hints that might explain your illness.  Sometimes it might be related to certain genetic mutation that causes you to respond differently to certain conventional medicine treatment.  Sometimes it’s your sensitivity toward certain matters in what you eat, use, or exposed to in your daily routine.  

We want to inspire you

Go beyond treating your illness

Go beyond treating your sickness, and pursue a level of wellness not attained before.  Together, we collaborate.  You will benefit from partnering with a physician who explores a wider range of option with you.   It is a shared responsibility.  You need to be willing to adjust your lifestyle accordingly, to eat, rest, and have adequate physical activity.